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Request To Https://Partners.Shopify.Com/Api/Cli/Graphql Failed, Reason: Socket Hang Up

Shopify Partner
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when i run "npm run dev" under the /app , it always show like this:



PS D:\xxx\app> npm run dev

>xxx@1.0.0 dev
> shopify app dev

✔ Dependencies installed

Looks like this is the first time you're running dev for this project.
Configure your preferences by answering a few questions.

✔ Which Partners organization is this work for? · xxx

Before you preview your work, it needs to be associated with an app.

✔ Create this project as a new app on Shopify? · No, connect it to an existing app
✔ Which existing app is this for? · xxx
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│ request to failed, reason: socket hang up 
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