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Italian luxury brands wholesale buying office

Italian luxury brands wholesale buying office

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SOFINTERNAZIONALE. Italian luxury brands wholesale buying office


Our headquarters are located in the fashion capital - Milan.

The company was established in 2009 and specializes in providing authentic luxury goods from first-hand sources to large domestic and international shopping malls, large outlets, online luxury sellers, brand consultants, and other medium to large-sized companies.


With years of operation, our company has a strong business philosophy and an experienced team.


Key points: We have stable sources and guarantee the authenticity of our products!

Main business:


Authorized agents for international first-tier and second-tier major brands, as well as renowned European brands from Italy, France, and other countries. (We have whatever you desire!)


What we offer you:

1. Inspection of goods - no shipment of defective items, only flawless deliveries.

2. Professional repackaging of luxury goods to ensure their perfect condition.

3. Timely delivery (within three working days after receiving payment, and even same-day delivery in the fastest cases!)

4. Professional customs clearance and declaration services.


address: via valenza 5, milano, italia

tel: +39 3801745919


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