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Dear head of a certain department, I hope everthting is all right,here are somethings need your help.I bought a $180 template and a $29 registered shop on your company's website. Because we are an international trading company, we have about 100 brands of agency and distribution rights.  But the current problem is that we need to transmit 500000 models. I saw on your website that unlimited products can be transmitted without limit.But at present, it gives us a limit and I want to know the detail reason. Anotherproblem is about the service. As you say, it's a 24 * 7 service system, but every time we send an email, you reply very slowly and often don't reply. When we  ask in the morning, you may not reply in the afternoon. Your company is a big company in the world. It's sad to have such a service. We want to discuss and reach a way to meet our requirements. Our requirements are very simple, because we are an international trading company, with hundreds of brands, about 300000-500000 agents, and about 300000 new agents. We hope you can try your best to solve our problems and make a 24 * 7 timely reply, I believe that your super international company can certainly do it. Firstly, according to the requirements of your website, 24-hour service in two or seven days, But you really didn’t it. We also have e-mail to testify, and we don't want to publish any forum and other adverse comments on Google. Second, you can upload unlimited products, but the products can only upload 1000 per day after 50000, which seriously affects the upload efficiency of our company. We sincerely hope that your company can solve the above two problems as soon as possible.  Thanks for your help.

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你们规模的公司应该改成Shopify Plus: