[Bug fix] since_id filter now returns orders by ID asc

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Shopify Staff
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Prior to September 18th, 2017, requests to GET /admin/orders.json including the since_id parameter would return a list of orders sorted by created_at. This would present problems when multiple orders were created within the same second, as results wouldn't dependably return in the same order on subsequent requests. Going forward, orders with the since_id parameter will correctly be sorted by order ID, even if the orders were processed at identical created_at times.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to comment in the thread below!


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Thanks for that.

In the case that there is no since_id parameter, what are the orders sorted by?

I always found it strange that we can page through orders (or other resources), even though we are not told what are the entries sorted by...

Also, what is the order is we specify updated_at_min?