[New Partner Beta] Selling in Multiple Currencies with Shopify Payments: What this Means for App Developers

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Hi everyone!

This is Kalys from SocialShopWave.

I have a couple of questions regarding Shopify multi-currency feature.

Migration tutorial says:
“Shopify checks the conversion rates every 15 minutes, and rates typically change only a few times a day. Your app can poll the currencies endpoint in 15-minute intervals, and refetch any prices for a currency if its rate has changed.”

But this solution is not suitable for us. We have a bunch of shops with more than 50K products. Updating such amount of products every 15 minutes for one shop is way too expensive for us.

I wonder:
Is there any way to get currency exchange rates that Shopify uses?
Can we (3rd party apps) convert currencies by ourselves? If so, does Shopify provide a formula to convert currencies with the “Rounding Rule”?
What is the “Rounding Rule” and how does it work?

I hope someone can help with that :-) Thanks in advance!

Happy holidays! :-)

Shopify Partner
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Hi again,

1) When querying transactions, we use 'in_shop_currency=true'.

That's great but how about the order_transactions/create webhook? Will this be in the shop or presentment currency? We're hoping shop currency, otherwise we would have to query back into the REST API to get the proper amount. Unless there is something I'm missing here?

2) Beside the facts that they don't exactly have the same properties, is there a difference between using the existing Transaction endpoint with in_shop_currency=1 and using the new TenderTransaction endpoint? What is the purpose of this new endpoint if the data is already in the Transaction endpoint? Is it just a simpler version in a way?