[UPDATED] Upcoming changes to the Shopify Order Risks API

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Hi Ralf,

Like Nik asked, I too would like to know how the 0-1 score maps to Low-Medium-High labels shown in the admin. We have a client that would like to tag orders if they hit the Medium or High thresholds so they can be reviewed before fulfillment. Is this accurate:

  • Low: 0 - 0.33
  • Medium: 0.34 - 0.66
  • High: .67-1

Thanks in advance!

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There’s been some confusion around payment gateway risks and how they are affected by this change. To clarify: As of September 17, 2018, order risks with “source”: “gateway” are also aggregated into the one single order risk with the Shopify recommendation.

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I just wanted to express my frustration with this move. We had roadmapped to used the Risks including the reason (not just the score threat level) as we see in the UI. Now that it is removed for Gateway customers but is still in the UI it doesn't really make sense as it's still in the UI.

Shopify needs to move to a versioned API so that they don't throw us under the bus when they change things as it suits the API developer. Like many Shopify Plus customers we live in another system to handle all our warehouse, fraud, risk, accounting systems and just use APIs to exchange data. The more data we can get via api the better we can run. We also had a similar problem when you created location based inventory for a few customers and didn't leave the total inventory in the same api call thus requiring us to make two api calls to get inventory instead of one even though you could have left it there as a combined inventory or the first inventory location. 

This change was also only mentioned in the forum and not by our account rep or any other email that I could find. Hopefully communication will also be better in the future.

Thanks and looking forward to a great 2019 from you guys.


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