vendor and fulfillment_service now set implicitly on Order create

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Today we deployed a fix to the Orders API that ensures a more intuitive experience around vendor and fulfillment_service.

Prior to this fix, when creating an Order with a product variant id, the vendor and fulfillment_service had to be set explcitly in the request. If not set explicitly, vendor would default to NULL ignoring any existing vendor for the Product and fulfillment_service would default to 'manual' ignoring any custom fulfillment service associated to that Product Variant. 

Today, the existing product vendor and fulfillment service will be set implicitly when creating an Order with a product variant ID.

If you feel that this change has negatively impacted your experience with the Shopify API, or you have any questions or concerns, please comment in this thread.


All the best,

Jordan L
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Hi Jordan,

Forgive me for the reply here but I can't see a way to DM you and as you are the expert on API support I need your help. Shopify recently changed the goalposts which are causing my app and 2,000 stores using is substantial issues and ultimately financial loss.

We used to be able to grab the order number 100% of the time from a script tag on the thank_you page. This was then used to do a whole lot of other tasks. Shopify changed the processing so that *sometimes* the order number is available, about 10% or more of the time it is not as the flow has changed so that it is too quick to be updated. The API docs reflect this and state it now may be null.

Is there *any* way you are aware of to 100% reliably grab the order number at this time. It's killing us.




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Hi Jordan,

I do have an issue that might be related to this change.

I am making an app for a courier that will fulfil the proders for a shop.

My app is creating a fulfilment service in the carriers settings inside shop

When we try to fulfil the order, we get an error saying that the products in the order are not fulfilled with our fulfilment service. Now we have to change the fulfilment service on all products to our own.

On a shop with 5000 variants of products, we need to either go manually and change the fulfilment service, or create an api that will do that. 

As far as i understand with API you cannot change more than 250 at a time. 

I tried to change 50 and it took 1-2 minutes to do so. I dont even want to imagine how long will take to do 5000 products.

What happes when the shop has multiple fulfilment services? How do we change the products from our fulfilment service to another one? 

Changing the fulfilment service inside orders is not possible.

I have searched this forum and i am not the only one with this issue.

Are we attacking this issue the wrong way or is this a problem with shopify?

Thank you