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I am currently building a print-on-demand fulfillment app. I would like to use the new FulfillmentOrder flow and I'm following the instructions found in the FulfillmentOrder API guide.


Using the advice found in this post, I have set up a developer preview store, I'm able to opt-in to fulfillment orders, and I'm receiving FULFILLMENT_REQUEST notifications.


So far, I have been able to do all this using the 2019-10 version of the API, as per the advice at the top of the FulfillmentOrder API guide. As such, I was expecting to be able to have this app ready for use on normal stores in October.


However, the next step (Acting on FULFILLMENT_REQUEST notifications) requires querying the "assignedFulfillmentOrders" connection. When I make this request with the 2019-10 version, I get a message saying "Field 'assignedFulfillmentOrders' doesn't exist on type 'Shop'". The request works perfectly when I set the version to "unstable".


So my first question is: does this mean that this feature will not be available to normal stores when the new version of the API is released in October?


My second question is related to the merchant user experience with the FulfillmentOrder flow. When I made an order on my developer preview store, I got the "Request fulfillment" button in the Shopify admin, and had to press that button to make the order appear in the "assignedFulfillmentOrders" query. I imagine that manually pressing that button for every order would be tedious and unsustainable for larger volume merchants. Is there an option for merchants to automatically submit fulfillment requests?





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Hey Joel, thanks for all the details. You're correct that our guides were misleading and they conflicted a bit. We're updating them to reflect that FulfillmentOrders won't be released in 2019-10 yet so you'll have to use unstable for now to take full advantage of that feature. Sorry for the confusion.