Paginate the 2019-07 REST Product API

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I switched to the 19/07 version of the product API and noticed that passing the page parameter with the endpoint will generate an error:

{"errors":{"page":"page cannot be passed."}}


Is the pagination functionality changed in this new version?

Using the 2019-04 works sweetly.


Thank you



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Hi @Giulio1,


We replaced page-based pagination for a number of endpoints in the 2019-07 version. This was done in favour of a much more performant method of pagination we've also released for these endpoints called cursor-based pagintion. We've released this guide on how to make calls using cursor-based pagination. The TLDR is that you need to look for the "Link" response header in your requests. The value of this header will be a link to both the next and previous page of results in the following format.


Link: "<https://{shop}{version}/products.json?page_info={page_info}&limit={limit}>; rel={next}, 
<https://{shop}{version}/products.json?page_info={page_info}&limit={limit}>; rel={previous}" #...

That being said, you can continue making requests with the page param using the 2019-04 version until it is no longer supported with the release of 2020-04.


Let me know if you have any lingering questions or concerns.



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Thank you @Busfox 


That is pretty clear