About to Lose it: Sales Tax and Shipping not splitting

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I'm about to lose it. I use Paypal Express as a payment gateway and OutRight as an account software. So here's the thing: When a customer make a payment, the transaction gets authorized and the info (below) is sent to Paypal. 

Order amount

Sales Tax


The info from Paypal gets imported to Outright, but when I checked Outright, everything is lumped sum. The Sales Tax and Shipping does not split. During Tax time this can be a huge problem. I contacted Outright and they said the info was sent to them lump sum from Paypal and I need to contact Paypal....Ok, so I called Paypal...then Paypal said that's the info they got from Shopify. So I contacted Shopify....THEN, Shopify said they are indeed capturing the info and they sent it to Paypal and I need to call Paypal. WHAT THE FLYING F!!!???

I'm about to lose it here and someone need to figure this crap out.

I opened my store on Jun 23rd and the tax and shipping was captured and split, sent to Paypal and all good for June 23rd. Then anything AFTER June 23rd didn't split anymore. At some point something went wrong and non of these so-called professionals can figure it out. Why am I paying for such services. This is very frustrating and I seriously have no clue what else to do. If anyone knows or had a similar problem, I would greatly appreciate your help!