Accounting Software for Shopify & Amazon Multi-Channel

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I plan on linking my Shopify store with Amazon Multi Channel (who will handle all my fulfillment). 

I am looking for any kind of sales/bookkeeping software that can combine the sales info from shopify and the expenses from amazon, so I can know the profit/loss of each order made on shopify.

I am using inventory lab for my amazon fba business, so I am looking for an alternative for this new shopify venture.

Note: People has suggested using quickbooks, xero, wave, and godaddy accounting, but I think these will only show a macro view of everything, but I want to see more granular to the order level. Any suggestions of software would be greatly appreciated!

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Even i am looking same for my business too.

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Hi Mike and Ray.  

My 2 cents - easiest thing would be to bring down orders to your accounting system and manage the fulfillment / shipment into Amazon.

There's a good chance whatever accounting package you're using, there's already an adaptor for it.

Try  They already have adaptors pre-built for Amazon, Shopify, and 40+ accounting systems.  

Good luck.
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Hi Mike and Ray,

Our app,, allows you to analyze profit on a per order basis. 

We just released in the Shopify app store:

The app currently works with Shopify and a number of shipping integrations (to get actual costs). We are working on a Amazon integration which would allow you to have all this data combined in 1 portal. It would be great to test out this integration with you guys!

Please shoot me an email 

Our software helps you lower shipping costs and improve your gross profit margin.