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I'm wondering what software people use for accounting, and if there are any non-subscription solutions that integrate with shopify?  My store is very small ATM and $20/mos is more than I want to spend for what I need.  I downloaded the trails for QuickBooks and Simply Accounting, but it seems like a lot of retyping to get the information in and I don't need the invoicing or IM features.  Suggestions?

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I've used both but am now 100% less accounting, which does tie in to my bank account, paypal, and Shopify. Still a subscription though. Not sure you will find anything out there for free or even on the cheap when it comes to integrated accounting. :::
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Freshbooks? I use it and love it.  Their API is accessible as well from what I know.  They also work with a lot of other web 2.0 type companies for further integration.  They do invoicing, but there is an actual accounting partner they work with as well ... can't recall the name ...

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