Accounting software?

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Hey folks, Got a question. What accounting software do you use for your shopify stores? My store is just a part-time effort and revenue is pretty small. I don't need some huge package like Peachtree or QuickBooks (at least I don't think I do). Right now I'm using Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 and it's ok. Not the most intuitive and can be a pain sometimes. I use Peachtree at work so I'm quite comfortable with that program. I just don't have a few hundred $$$ to spend on accounting software. Basically I need something that I can post my Shopify orders in, create invoices, receive payments, and keep track of inventory. I don't need any payroll stuff but do need sales tax capabilities. Oh, and keeping track of shipping and PO's is good too. Anyone use something like Bookeeper from Avanquest? ( or something small like that? Thanks. -- kill bad breath. anonymously.
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I have been looking for a good and cheap system too. Have you tried this one out?

I use MyMailManager from these folks. We have two mailing listone with 500+names and the other with 4000+ names and have been happy with that program.

I have not seen the a/c software though.

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Tiger Direct has Bookeeper for 24.99 – I’m shopping for something like this, too. Costco has Quickbooks for small business for about 75 bucks but don’t have any idea which one I would prefer. I know my bank will interface with Quickbooks but I don’t know about Bookeeper. I’m just setting up a new small home business doing web pages and running a community website ( really have no experience “setting up” a bookeeping/accounting system. I’ve used Excel a fair amount but wouldn’t know where to begin to set up something the IRS would like if I got audited. Help! Any thoughts?