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I love the flexibility in the tax setup for the end-customer in Shopify and it's amazing how easy it's to adjust differences in each of the customer countries. However I miss this to be reflected in the payout views when doing the accounting - basically I think if Shopify 'just' added billing location to the transaction view of payouts, book keepers would save tons of time by not having to click each of the transaction to identify country to ensure VAT in EU versus non-EU or whatever the scenario is. Or even better make a standard view where the transactions in a payment was based on billing location as a supplement to each transaction. 

I know I could always setup an integration between Shopify and our ERP setup to automate the flow, but I haven't been able to find a standard integration provider, which have the flexibility to reflect the different local VAT rules and thereby I 'just' moved the problem of differentiated VAT to the ERP instead.  

So am I missing out something here, as a billing location view would save me at least an hour if not more each month or is there a report I just have found yet (have a Shopify subscription)

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Hello @stine79,

With Report Pundit, you can add a billing location to the payout report and drill down the Payout deposit to your bank account and get the detail behind each Payout - like products sold, orders, customer name, taxes, shipping region, and many more fields.

Contact us at or our live chat support team for help in creating reports.


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