Anyone use Wave Accounting?

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I've been using it for a while now for invoicing and general accounting. Wondering what other cool ways I can use it for. Thanks in advance!

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Have you checked out the receipt scanning app? Still one of my favourite features that flies under the radar a lot. Snap a photo of a receipt, and import it into your accounting. 

One secret hack is to take photos of an item even when you don't have the receipt, especially for a cash purchase. Here's what I mean:

- I take a client out for coffee and pay in cash
- I forget to ask for a receipt, and I'll soon forget that I had this business expense
- I take a photo of the coffee cups and submit them to Wave
- in the "verify" step, I properly specify the amount of the transaction, and it becomes an accounting entry. 

There's also the  Personal Finance side of things: You can track your income and spending, set budgets automatically, and even invite spouses, partners or roommates to collaborate so you can manage household spending better. 

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Here is more you can do with Wave Accounting, just a few--

1. Splitting transactions: You can easily split an record the transactions, for ex - total purchase $230 of furniture, split this as - $100 to wood, $100 to workers, $30 on painting etc.

2. Merging transactions: What if you get the same transaction into the system twice? It is very easy to merge them into a single transaction.

3.When business and personal finance mix up : It is very easy to organize and clean up things with Wave, if you have mixed up business and personal finance together.

4. Transfers: Excellent control and ease of transfer money between your bank accounts, or payment through credit cards.

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