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Hello Team, 

I need your help, please! 

I need to provide a lot of information for accounting / bookkeeping purposes. 

At the moment the report which Shopify is giving me is not comprehensive enough and calculating them manually is so time-consuming!

What I need is similar to the full sales report but also containing the following info: 
- Customer name 
- Amount actually paid (less fees - shopify, bank, etc) 
- Payment method (visa, paypal, etc)
What would be the best way to achieve this? I've downloaded all available reports and none of them are the right report. 

I think there's a documentation about having a "Custom Report" (not even sure if this is also the right report), but that's at a price tag of $299 with Advanced Shopify.........

We're just starting out our business so we won't be able to spend much money at all.

Any help would be much appreciated, 

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Hi Adi,


Prakash here from Data Export Team.


Yes, we can generate the full sales report along with the Customer name, payment method and the amount paid by customer(less fee- Shopify, bank.


Please install Data Export and contact us over the live chat or email. Our customer support agents will create the report for you.


The report also can be scheduled to the email id & google sheet.


Our large plan is $20 a month. I hope it will meet your budget


15 days of free trial available. Here is the link for the app:




Data Export Team

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Hi Adi,


Depending on what you use for an accounting application, you can also look into automating the upload of this data from Shopify directly into the GL. By automating a Customer Create and Transaction workflow into the GL, you'll have transaction and customer data uploaded into your accounting application with all the granularity needed by the accounting team - this will save your team a lot of time! 


Check out our integration platform: - depending on your accounting platform, we may be able to help you with this issue. We're a Shopify Plus Partner and we're happy to go over your use case and lend some insight into your options. Also, feel free to email me at 



Torrey Lapenskie



all of this information can be exported thru Shopify's orders section