Brexit and Shopify stores

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Hi everyone! We have done a brief video guide on what Brexit means for Shopify stores and their customers.


In the video we go over the two possible Brexit scenarios, and what you need to do as a Shopify store owner to stay legally compliant in each case.



We have also written an article about Brexit on our blog, we will keep it updated as the saga unfolds. If you have any questions just let me know and I'll try to answer them!



How to get your Shopify store ready for Brexit


Jan at Sufio


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Just a quick note that this info above is now outdated. As far as I can conclude; If you sell to UK customers and send the goods from overseas, you need to register for UK VAT:

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I keep seeing the advert on TV for and wondered if I need to do anything? As took the few questions test on site and seems there alot to sort out urgently before we officially leave the EU in 64 days’ time. However, I am unsure what applies to me and my small business, not sure if this is something you can advise on? As because I rely on Shopify for my website and linking to print on demand suppliers that ship worldwide my designs on products, I am not sure if it will be automatically done through them?