Calculating, reporting sales tax is a pain! How can we make it easier?

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We all love it when we see growing customer base and sales at our stores. It's awesome! But when we sit down to calculate and enter the sales taxes, it's a royal pain. 

At ZapStitch, we work with 1200+ growing shopify stores and some of the most common issues we hear about from them is related to the pain of accounting and reporting their sales taxes. For example, 47 states in United States have different tax rates! and counting the multiple rates across counties, cities, the issue is compounded. 

Keeping a record and tracking sales tax liability in your accounting application is critical. So we are launching a campaign to adress this pain point. We are starting with a first blog post on how you can simplify sales tax reporting and automate your accounting. 

Ask us anything about #salestax or eCommerce accounting. Your questions, doubts, issues - anything. We will try our best to answer and help you. Just Tweet us @zapstitch with #salestaxpain + your questions and comments. 

All tweeps will receive an eBook with 10 proven marketing strategies from multi million dollar Shopify stores. 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Tejaswi!

Sounds like a cool company and must be really helpful for a lot of merchants!


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