Canada - US cross boarder taxes

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I live in Quebec but would like to open a drop ship business selling to US customers and using US suppliers. From what I understand I just need to pay the sales tax due when I purchase from the supplier but I don't need to charge sales tax to my customers, is this correct? Any advise on this would be appreciated.


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Hello Simon!

Kassey from the Shopify Guru team here! We always recommend reaching out to a financial professional on questions like these, but I can let you know that the usual protocol would be to only charge taxes to your customer from the state/province that you are selling from. Again, reaching out to a tax or financial professional would be your best bet here! For more information upon setting up your taxes, be sure to take a look at the Shopify doc!

I hope this information helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to reach out to the Shopify support team

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Kassey hit the nail on the head - see a tax/finance professional in your area.  There are more taxing jurisdictions in the US than a person could shake a stick at in an entire life time. And each one is different.

Good luck.