Canadian Environmental Handling Fees

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Nearly every province in Canada has now implemented some form of Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) for electronics that must be charged to the end user.

Is there a way to have the appropriate EHF added as a taxable line item to the shopping cart every time an item is added? It is a specific dollar amount, not a percentage. There would be different amounts for different types of products.

For example, a desktop computer would be charged $5.50 in Manitoba. A countertop microwave under 1 cubic feet is $7.50.

So far, I can only think of purchasing a Shopify app that allows the creation of bundles and then only list the bundles for sale. However, we would not want the EHF to inflate the price of the item. It should just be listed as an addition charge just like tax.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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were you able to get this resolved?

we too have ECO fees for paint different $ for 5-gallons, gallons , quart