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I am just getting ready to finally launch my ecommerce store after months of hard work. However, i have ran into a bit of a problem. Im very uneducated when it comes to taxes. I have little to no idea where to start and who to charge. If anyone has any information on CANADIAN TAXES and how to go through with setting them up thatd be awesome,

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Hi Mitch,

In your shop, you can go to Settings > Taxes, and click 'Canada' in the Tax Rates section, to edit the taxes you will charge to Canadians. Here, you can specify a 'Country tax' at the top. Below that, you can specify rates to charge in each province/territory, to be either a) added to the country/federal tax rate, b) instead of the federal rate, or c) compounded on top of the federal rate.

You can also specify tax overrides here, for either shipping, or collections. You can apply any override to any province or the entire country. For example, if you sold clothing that shouldn't be charged tax in a specific region, you can create an automated collection for this, based on products with a certain 'product type', or 'tag', etc.

This Wikipedia article might get you started in terms of what sales taxes to use within Canada:

The Canada Revenue Agency also explains GST/HST here:

If you haven't already, I'd also encourage you to search 'canadian tax' in our Forums, for more specific queries. Hope this helps get you started! :)

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Hey Mitch,

Are you shipping from Canada?

Feel free to shoot me an email and I can answer any questions you have and send you screenshots of my tax settings.