Cannot use State tax ID#s so I have to enter 15K zip codes manually??

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I am experiencing difficulties in setting up the tax section of my site.  I was looking for another large company that may have run into the same type of issue that I am having.  While I don’t have more than one true physical presence, I do have State Tax ID#s for various other states where my sales are high enough that it is required.  Shopify’s platform appears to force me to enter every zip code in every one of these states manually (as the site doesn’t accept State ID#s, nor is there a bulk upload feature for a .csv file).  I cannot imagine that I am the only one in this situation, although according to Shopify, they have never run into this before.  

I was just hoping to get a best practice from another business that possibly was also in my shoes.  Any advice you can offer is appreciated.

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We are on Shopify Plus and use Avalara. It calculates it all for us. I was always under teh assumption that you do not have to charge sales tax in any state other than the places you have physical locations. I would try and put it in shopify that you have a physical location there so it does it for you then. Could be wrong.