Clarification on Sales Tax (US) Settings

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I have a single physical location, so I know that I need to collect state, county, and city taxes here. However, I make deliveries to a neighboring city sometimes. Based on their tax rules, I need collect city taxes for that municipality as well (no physical presence, but required due to deliveries).

As I understand it, Shopify automatically calculates shipping based on the zip code in my general settings. So if an order comes in from this neighboring city of mine, and I end up delivering, how (in the online purchase) can I get Shopify to calculate the right tax total (including the city tax)?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Drew!

So the best way to go from here would be to add the zip codes in the taxes tab. You can find it under the Settings tab. Click on the US, and add a physical location with the zip codes that you would deliver to. From there the system with automatically calculate the correct taxes :)

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