DATEV integration to German shop

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Hey everybody!

We are trying to automate as much as possible at and now try to integrate DATEV to Shopify to trasnfer our taxe information to our tax accountant.

We've been using Sufio until now, but it doesn't have a DATEV interface. We are ready to change the system if necessary.

I've looked at XERO (30€ per month) and OSC Ware (600€ once). Both options do much more than we need and are therefor much too expensive. Do you know of any other possibilities to get the invoices transfered to a tax accountant (except from doing it manually via CSV-file)?

Thanks a million for any help! I've already asked the Shopify help, but the German market isn't their biggest strength ;)


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Hi William,

We've never worked with DATEV interface but pretty sure this is doable.

Please email me details at and we'll discuss. 


-- Stas | 99rabbits

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