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I have a business selling leather goods. I have been operating for 18 months. I want some advice and be able to talk to someone about things such as:

 - sales trends

 - Impacts of discounts

 - Which products have sold better than others.

 - Understanding seasonality of my sales

 - Potential sales growth.

I'm willing to pay a little bit, but do not have the biggest budget. Any advice would be great.


Aussie brum

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Hey  Aussie!

Chantal here from Shopify.

There are some great apps that can help you with getting that type of data:

These are all a great start to understanding your store's conversions and trends. There are also some great blog posts that give some tips on improving conversion rates:

The biggest go-to for analytics that I like to recommend is Google Analytics :)

As far as getting someone to talk to about this, you can either chat or phone our 24/7 support or you can get in touch with one of the Marketing Shopify Experts (who all have different starting prices for their services).

Hope this helps!

Chantal, Shopify Guru

Chantal, Shopify Guru
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Curious if you have found any help yet.  I'm an accountant who works with small businesses.  I'm in the process of designing an online course and app to assist with the problems you are talking about.  Let me know how its going.  Maybe we could help each other.

Jimmy Ledoux
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Hi all,

I have recently released a new app (still in beta at the moment) which may be of help here.

BetterReports gives you numerous built-in reports and allows you to slice and dice the data to identify trends and opportunities.


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Thank you.

Siravi Stainless Steel Kitchen
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Hello @Aussie_brum 

I am not sure if you are still looking for a solution, but I hope it will be helpful if you give a try.

Report Pundit can show all the reports you are looking to grow your business:

1) Sales trend - Sales reports over time can be viewed based on multiple parameters like channel, source, country, collection, tags, options, product type and many more. 

2) Impact of discounts - Discount reports can show how many times the discount code was used. It can also show the increase in sales volume and the amount of revenue forgone by using the discount code.

3) Products that have sold better than others - Best selling and worst selling products can be viewed over any date range. You see the amount and units sold for each product or variant.

4) Seasonality of sales - You can compare sales over months to view seasonality over multiple years. 

5) Potential sales growth - Potential sales can be forecasted by adding pre-created formula to current sales numbers.

We are also coming up with dashboards which will help you  see the trends week on week, month on month, quarterly and yearly.

Our team of experts can create any type of custom reports for free. You can reach us at or through live chat support.


Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards