Help! Taxes aren't being added at checkout.

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I just recently noticed that taxes aren't being added at check out. I have gone through every single product in my inventory and made sure that the "charge tax on this product" box was checked. 

When testing this. I added a product to my cart and it says that taxes and shipping will be calculated at checkout, but it is only calculating and adding shipping to the total price, not taxes. 


I also have non-physical products to sell, like offers to use after to COVID-19 lockdown, and when checking out on my website it doesn't add tax to those either even though I made sure that I checked off to add tax to the product. 


PLEASE HELP. This will turn into a serious problem for my business.

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Hi mmarsden,


The standard settings in Shopify are that taxes are calculated in the product price. You can manage tax calculations by navigating to your settings > taxes.

Hope this helps you!