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Preface: I have had my bakery for over 2 years. We have the Revel POS system that we're pretty happy with. I have no plans to use the Shopify POS.

I just launched a Shopify online store to sell certain items from our menu (shelf stable cookies and loaves that are easy to ship). However, the ease of the customer paying online and the simplicity of the store (and buy buttons I will be adding soon) make me want to utilize it for in store pickup orders as well (including things that might not be able to be shipped, like cannoli, or thanksgiving pies).

It seems like too big of a headache (or plainly impossible) to set up certain items as available only for in-store pickup. Not to mention I would have to deal with entirely different tax rates for those in-store options versus those shipped online. (Chicago sales taxes are 10.5%, state tax is only 9.25%)

Do you have any suggestions of another way to go about this? Like setting up a separate cart system with paypal on my wordpress site to capture in store pickup orders, thus bypassing Shopify all together? Or creating custom buy buttons for totally separate items than the online store? Any other ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey, Kelly!

Patrick, a Shopify Guru here :)

We do have an app that allows you to create a click and collect functionality for your products:

You could also create a copy of your product and have a "Collect in store" category on your store. You would just need to untick " This product requires shipping " from the product page in the admin. So as long as they are just buying products that don't require shipping they won't be charged any shipping.

With both of these methods, you would need to choose the products individually but for the second option you could upload most of your changes in one go using a product CSV. You could change the shipping requirement then add a tag like "pick up only" and create an automatic collection to pull the new products into.

Hope that helps :)