How do you calculate Orders in your Accounting system?

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So I used Outright for my online bookeeping. Works great when I'm doing low volume as I can manually input each order and COGS, etc.

Now that my store is starting to ramp up with a decent amount of orders I can see this becoming a real accounting nightmare to add each order to my system.

Do any of you just do a daily total and enter it in your system that way? So for instance I would put in Sunday's (yesterday) sales as 2 items - one being COGS total of all the items, the other being Sales of total items (and another if needed for taxes/shipping, etc).

I can always hit Shopify for individual reports, etc.

Pros/cons of doing it this way instead of individually putting in each order as they come in?

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Hi Valien, the problem you are facing is huge and we @zapstitch are solving the exact problem - by integrating your Shopify store with Accounting app - we sync your Shopify Orders as Sales Receipts/invoices; create and update Products and Customers automatically - no manual entry of orders needed.  

But as of today we integrate with QuickBooks Online - QuickBooks is the leader in accounting for eCommerce. The features and pricing are comparable. If you choose to move to QuickBooks, we will ensure that with our app - you will save 100+ hours monthly spent on accounting and the time you can spend in critical business activities for growth. 

If you think we are solving the right problems, hit me a mail I will do everything in my power to understand your needs and get you to automate your accounting. 


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I would probably try to find a solution that is automatic. I think if you use this app we built to track our own income/expenses through Shopify you will be able to automatically import into Outright:

I haven't tested that myself with Outright, but the format we create is very simple (looks just like a bank statement).