How manage VAT registrations in differenct EC countries?

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Hi together,

looking very much for your help!

We are facing the problem that we are located in one EC country (with valid VAT number) and are additionally registered in another EC country for VAT purpose only (also valid VAT number for all sales performed in this other country.) This was necessary due to direct drop shipping from suppliers in this country to customers in this country (thus goods don't cross EC boarder -> no EC VAT exempt applicable).

Despite intense research I am failing to bring this into Shopify:

- I cannot put in the second VAT number

- I can only enable/disable EC VAT exempt for all EC countries. I would need to only disable it for the country where we have our second registration.

Do you have a solution for this problem? Either in Shopify itself or by using an app that enables these individual settings?

Can't believe that we are the only shop with more than one EC VAT registration ...

Thx a lot in advance!