How not to charge VAT to non European and USA - Please help!

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That is nice, but i have asked support to do this for me multiple times, and i still do not got a solution, i am not confident touching the code.
I know about the legal issues as well, i am extremely concerned, and i find it unacceptable that we do not get an official answer and solution here or trough the support system.

Does the PLUS feature fully solves this? If yes, that is really really faulty business model from Shopify.
It is not a plus feature to conform rules, it is the most basic one.

Who is ready making the first youtube video to surface this publicly? I will surely host it and share it.
I am not ready to start all over again with an other system...spent too much time on this now. FIX IS A MUST

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Hey, @Robin_K !


I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond to this, I just now realized you'd tagged me.


I looked into this for you and I can see our developers are currently working on a solution. I can't say for certain how long it will take to build this and put it through the testing stages. Such a major change can take months or even years but they are aware of the importance of the VAT issue to European merchants who are shipping Internationally.


I'm sorry I don't have a more definite answer for you at the moment. I hope one of the other workarounds mentioned in the thread may help in the meantime.

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify
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First of all thank you for your reply @Aria, even though the answer is a non answer I'm afread. No timeline, can take years... It honestly doesn't sound like this is being worked on at all but rather this is a lame excuse to keep ignoring this matter further. I think we have no other means left than to voice our discontent publicly, youtube and other social media to try to push through a change. 


If it wasn't so frustrating, it would almost be laughable how ignorant Shopify are regarding this. "Offering" solutions that include upgrading to PLUS (plan starting from a couple of thousands € a month and recommended to merchants with an annual turnover of at least €1m). Please tell us again, how many of your EU merchants exceed 1m in annual turnover? Shopify's business model targets small and medium size merchants (Shopify seeks to make the operation of an online store more accessible and cost-effective for small business owners and independent retailers, offering a self-service ecommerce platform). How can you claim this while ignoring the LEGAL needs of EVERY international merchant on the largest internal market in the world by far (the EU)? It just make no sense at all. As others has mentioned, this is a NO PLUS FUNCTIONALITY but should work out of the box. It's not much different than if you would reject the possibility to have VAT added to the sale price and instead pushing your merchants to another (much more expensive) plan with a solution, ignoring the fact that if we cannot show prices correctly, we are effectively breaking the law and leaves ourselves open to lawsuits. I guess we know where to send the layer bills... 

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We second this! 


This was posted in March and we are now in end of September. Has it been resolved yet @Aria ?


Kindly, Christian

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This is a joke! can you please get us a proper solution to sell outside EU countries (e.g. switzerland... Brexitonia,... and god knows where...)?