How not to charge VAT to non European and USA - Please help!

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Ohh my god, this is insane!

We worked so hard on our shop, and wanted to open it in 2 weeks, and now we find out it cannot handle EU VAT...


WHAT?? this is the simplest, most basic thing a online shop must be able to handle, im so disappointed in Shopify..


This must be solved NOW Shopify!!




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Is there anyone working at Shopify? Anyone at all? That you have far too few programmers I think we can conclude by now but it's really bad business from you guys ignoring us. Just because you had a great 2019 with record growth, you should we well aware not to take it for granted. This is nothing outrageous that we are asking for, heck there is even a legal case to be made that this MUST be built into the platform. 


Does anyone have better experiences with other providers? We are fed up and are looking at options for our e-commerce. 

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