How to add HST number on Invoice

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I'm new to shopify. These forums have been very helpful...

I'm looking to add an HST number to my invoice for my canadian customers. I'm using Order Printer templates as my invoice...I do not know how to code (sadly).

Anyone know an easy way to do this for a novice? Thanks!

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Isabeau here from the Shopify Guru team - I totally understand, HTML can be intimidating at first :)

  1. In your Admin, head to the Apps area
  2. Click Order Printer
  3.  Choose "Manage Templates"
  4. Select the Template you would like to edit:
  5.  Decide where you would like to include your HST number (most often, I see it included at the bottom) and add another line by placing your cursor at the end of the last link and hitting enter. Then, you can include your info (wrapping it in <p> </p> is always a good idea): <p> HST#: 12345678 12343 </p>
  6. Save! It will look a bit like this

Another cheat (my personal favourite) is to create the text you want in a Page using the regular Rich Text Editor and then click "Show HTML" so you can copy it and paste in your template:


I hope that helps! If you're interested in learning more about HTML and code, check out W3 Schools and Code Academy :)