I'm looking for a good UK accountant

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Hi All,

I'm looking for a UK accountant that has experience with ecommerce businesses.

I use an accountancy firm already for a service based business, but they don't have much experience in eCommerce businesses, so I'd be interested in talking to someone who does.

I'm really looking for someone who can provide a fixed monthly cost rather than keep bolting on additional fees every time I ask for something.

I'm looking for someone to handle HMRC filings, Payroll, answer general questions as I have them, etc. We're not VAT registered yet, but will want someone who can sort out registration, provide guiance on best options (standard, flat rate, etc.) and handle quarterly VAT. I'de be interested in bookeeping services, but this isn't required.

If you are such an accountant, or you can recommend me your accountant please let me know.



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Steve if you find anyone let me know. I am looking for some support here too. Current setup as a partnership and doing all my own HMRC stuff myself but will be upgrading to a Limited quite soon and will be needing some help on that. It looks impossible to do those accounts on your own - unless you are an accountant that is!

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Hi There,

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