If taxes are included in prices

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I was  testing my page as a "fake" customer, but even though I have checked the box "Taxes are ncluded in prices" at the check out the system charged me / the customer additional taxes. I wonder how this can be removed since taxes are already included in pricing.


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goodness I hope it does not represent what tax 'would' have been.  Rather it should represent what the tax 'Actually' is within the total price that includes tax.  Be careful with word choice Shopify 

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I just noticed this today on our store as well!  Gave me a fright, I jumped and went straight to Google, then here to this forum thread. The checkout experience is a bit confusing in this regard.

My store has the taxes included in all pricing, as per the option in Admin / Settings / Taxes.

An example order on my store, today:

Subtotal          $120.00
Shipping              —
Taxes               $13.81
Total                $120.00
Payment due   $120.00

There is some logic missing here!

Take a random stranger and they will believe they got away without paying taxes. It's really easy for someone to believe there some technical glitch that didn't add that $13.81 to the $120 for a total of $133.81. So even in the best-case scenario, they think we're running an incompetent business!

Whereas the truth is that $13.81 is what is already existing inside the $120. Where would this be ever communicated to the customer, unless we as store owners decide to paste "Taxes included!" messages all over our themes.

SO... at the very least, in Checkout, should there not be a little text message next to "Taxes" that has some kind of language like "(taxes are included in sub-total)". Anything to fight confusion here for customers or anyone down the line who may be looking at receipts and records and such. To me this is more important than an ultra clean look for the mobile experience. Can we have the option as store owners?