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Hi fellas, 

 I'm reaching out to hear your 2 cents on my matter. I've been preparing to launch my store, and while I am selling my products from $800  to roughly around $2000, I'm worried if US is going to charge a hefty import tax which may decrease customer's the willingness to buy. My goods are made per order, all made in China, and I plan to make the shipping via Fedex or UPS. Please let me know if there are factors that I haven't thought of, or any directions that I can look into to find my answer. Thank you for your contribution! 

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Hey Eric! 

Nicholas here, a Shopify Guru.

Thanks for posting this question, it is one we get a lot and does require some clarification! :D

Import duty and taxes are due on all products imported in to the U.S., whether by a private or commercail entity. There are a couple of different taxes you can be charged.

Import duty is calculated under two bases, as a percentage of the good's value, or a flat rate per unit (x cents per dollar). Some goods, such as some electronic products, or original paintings and antiques over 100 years old, are not subject to import duty. Duty is not charged if the value of the imported goods is up to USD $200.


Other taxes include:

  • Federal Excise tax: Is imposed on imports of alcoholic beverages and tobacco.
  • Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) is charged on formal and informal entries:
    - MPF on informal entries is either US$2, US$6, or US$9 per shipment, depending on whether the entry release is manual or automated, and whether it is prepared by CBP personnel.
    - MPF on formal entries (for imports of goods valued over US$2500) is set at 0.3464% of the value of the goods with a minimum charge of US$25 and a maximum of US$485.

You can also find more info about these processes, and how they will affect your type of product specifically, on this site:

Hopefully this breakdown gives you a clearer idea of U.S. tax requirements for import for your product type :)



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