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I am wondering if there was a way to have the tax included in the price on POS but not online? So if someone bought the item online it would be $10 + tax, but if it was in person it would just be $10 with tax included in the price. I would prefer not having to mess with change at shows or anything.

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Hi @BlueEyedCandles,

Nick here from Shopify. Great question! 

You can adjust and set up the tax rates differently for the POS compared to the online store, but in terms of having the tax included in the price it would need to be the same across the board from your tax settings within the admin as seen below and taking the following steps -  Admin > Settings > Taxes > Tax Calculations:


You would have to decide one way or another how you'd like the tax to be included here for both POS and online. 

Shopify has two helpful guides which you can read going into everything you need to know about setting up tax rates for POS and how to adjust tax rates in the POS cart

I will, however, mention this to the development team on our end as a feature request. Feedback like this is helpful to know what store owners like yourself are thinking. 

Hopefully, this helps and answers your question! 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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Hi there. This is a rather old post, but I am wondering if this has been brought to the developers yet as it was indicated that would happen? Many businesses like to charge tax excluded for their website prices and tax included for their in-person sales. Here are my examples of what I would like to do and why:

  1. For my online sales, I would always like the tax excluded. Someone would buy a shirt for $10 and then they would pay $0.60 in tax. Total of $10.60.
  2. For my in person sales (at a festival), I would sell a shirt for $10 on a credit card, I would still like to exclude the tax. Someone would buy a shirt for $10 and then they would pay $0.60 in tax. Total of $10.60.
  3. For my in person sales (at a festival), I would sell a shirt for $10 in cash, I would like to include the tax. Someone would buy a shirt for $10 and then they would pay $10 total. That way I would not have to deal with making small change, for both my sake and the customers. A lot of customers don't carry change and don't want to carry change. I would imagine that plenty of Shopify developers, Shopify sales people, Shopify admin types have shopped at a farmer's market to get some local produce and paid with cash. I am sure they didn't have to pay $1.06 for some ears of corn, but instead paid $1.00 even because the tax is included.

Since I go to a lot of festivals throughout the year, I don't even take my Shopify POS device since this is not possible. I use a competitor (Square). I would rather use the Shopify POS, but since this option is not available, I do not. I would still like to track the cash purchases from both a monetary and inventory perspective. I would also like to give receipts for cash purchases. I know I can still track and give receipts using the Shopify POS, but I do not use it since it does not allow for different tax options between cash and credit for in-person sales.

I believe that Shopify is missing out on income (from in person credit card swipes, touches, Apple Pay, etc.) from many small businesses that frequent festivals, boat shows, farmer's market, etc.

Please make it happen captain!