Is it possible to use Shopify POS for out-of-state retail and wholesale sales?

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We are a Virginia (VA) -based company, our first shopify store will be up and running soon. We are also looking into shopify POS, and I have some questions.

We've added just one VA tax, so when we're selling online, then we'll be charging tax for VA customers only. This is straightforward.

We also frequently go to the trade shows out of state, we usually take part of our inventory with us, there we'd need to collect local taxes from retail customers, and not to collect any taxes from wholesale customers. So there would be 3 different modes of our store at the same time:

- regular Internet sales with taxes collected only from VA customers

- POS sales for retail customers, collecting other state taxes

- POS sales for wholesale customers, not collecting any taxes at all.

Does anyone know whether it's possible to use Shopify POS for this kind of activity?