Is there anyway to get Stripe Payout Emails to Include VAT?

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Hi there,

Every morning I receive an email from stripe telling me how much of my payout is being transfered to my bank account. It also shows how much I refunded and how much I paid in fees. Is there any way to show how much I need to pay in VAT from it? I have set my VAT up in my store so all invoices show it, but it doesnt show on Stripe.

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Hello Zoe,

Keegan here from the Shopify Guru team.

Just to ensure your information is kept safe, I'm going to send you a private email so we can figure this out together. If the email is from Shopify Payments (powered by Stripe) you may not be able to adjust what it shows as it's automatically generated. But if it's from Stripe (not connected to Shopify Payments, external gateway) then it might be possible.

Keep an eye out, talk soon. :)