Liquid access to Tax Rate Settings for EU One Stop Shop (OSS)

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This is both a Tax and a Technical question.

From 1 July 2021, the EU will introduce a One Stop Shop ( OSS ) for e-commerce merchants who are located outside the EU and are selling to clients within the 27 countries of the EU. More details about this can be read here :-

However, what I would like to ask is there a way to access the admin tax rate settings that are applied in the checkout in liquid code? So the tax rates are set up in one places and can be used within the theme code.

I would like show in my product pages and shopping cart the total price a client would pay including their country specific VAT rate. In order to do this, I need to access the tax rate setting from my Shopify Admin.

If this is currently not possible, does Shopify intend to make this possible in the near future, ie add a tax setting object to the liquid library?

Additionally, it would be desirable for Shopify to provide a central feed of the EU VAT rates ( all 27 countries ) automatically into the tax settings, along with official EU exchange rates that the EU will apply to calculate VAT payable.