Managing Un-Sold Inventory Through Shopify Through Quickbooks Online App

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Hi - I have recently installed the Shoping Through Quickbooks Online App in Quickbooks to better manage inventory by now having the ability to account for COGS in Quickbooks, and also create Purchase Orders. However, I have called Shopify support and have been advised that only SOLD inventory appears through the Shopify App in Quickbooks. I am seeking advise on how other small business ecommerce owners are managing un-sold inventory through Quickbooks then when also using Shopify as their ecommerce hosting site. Is there a recommended 3rd party App? Do I need to turn off the SOLD inventory pulling through to Quickbooks from Shopify and just enter all inventory in Quickbooks manually (which would mean there is a large deficit in the Shopify app)? Thanks for any advise offered.

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Hey Ruth,

Trey here from Shopify!

You're correct in that the Shopify Intuit Quickbooks Online doesn't take care of inventory synchronizing between your shop and your Quickbooks account. There are definintely a couple of app solutions that could help take care of this however, check out the following popular options that other businesses are also using: Quickbooks Online Sync, Shoplink QBO, and Unify by Webgility.

Hope that helps :)


Trey S