Managing inventory quantities - 2 SKUS- Many bundels/ variants (sold in 5 units to 500 units)

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Hi, I've been looking for help on this and I cannot find a solution.  I have basically 2 SKUs (1 white widget and 1 brown widget).  I sell the products at 2 different price points 1) MSRP and 2) Wholesale pricing ... that is further discounted based on quantity purchased.

I bundle my white widgets in the following quantities: 5, 10, 20, 40, 500, 1000, 2000, 

My brown widgets come in quantities of 20

People can purchase X quantities in these bundles/ variants.  Dealers get a special pricing when they purchase more.

Question: How do I set up Shopify in a way where the quantities are properly deducted into Quickbooks?

Example; if they purchase 5 X of the 20 units = 100 units (to be deducted from the white widgets or brown)

Please send me details of what solution that may help.

Thanks, Nikki

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Shopify Staff
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Hello Nikki, Ben here - your Shopify Guru! 

 There is no way to set this up in Shopify. You would need a custom coded app to look at the variant option and times the quantity of that variant by it to get the actual inventory that needs to be deducted for that order. The reason is product inventory is allocated at the variant level and not shared between variants. You would need to talk with a Shopify Expert Developer to see if they could help you with a solution for this. 

I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions :)

Ben C - Shopify Guru