Matching Payout to Customers for Cash Receipts

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The company I work for has recently switched to using Shopify for our webstore. Getting to the the payouts report is kind of a long journey (why isn't there a link from the dashboard?) and the report is missing a key piece of data needed to record cash receipts: the customer name.


To match each payment up with the correct sales order in our accounting software, it seems like we have to click on each payment listed on the payout and check who the customer is. If so, this is a ridiculous burden on our accounts receivable team when having a single additional column with this data would solve it.


Did I miss something? Is there a way to see the payment amounts and the customer name on the same payout report so we can match up cash receipts and sales order and then post them in our accounting program without the wasted effort of clicking on each individual transaction just to look up the customer name?


We are not looking for a third-party app or plug-in.