Mixed VAT and non VAT and Discount, Tax calculating incorrectly

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So We are UK based. So VAT applies here. 

We sell Some standard Taxable items at the normal 20% and we have some made of just sugar/icing so they count as edible and thus are 0% VAT in the UK. 

So I untick the Sugar items Variant of "Charge tax on this variant". 


If I put together a cart of just Taxable items and apply a customers discount code. VAT calculates fine. 

If I put together a cart of just sugar 0% VAT items and a discount code. VAT calculates fine. 


If I include both Sugar and Normal VAT and apply a discount code. The VAT comes out as a weird half way figure between VAT being applied and not being applied. 

Example screen shot below;

Booties Sugercraft Toppers Blue have "Charge tax on this variant" unticked

Snowflake Cupcake Cases in Rip-Top have "Charge tax on this variant" ticked. 

Example of VAT problemExample of VAT problem

The way our government (HMRC) says you should calculate VAT and a discount is to apply the discount first then calculate the VAT. 

Above example the VAT should only be on the "Snowflake Cupcake Cases in Rip-Top" and result in £2 VAT. 

I can't figure out where £4.4 came from. If you put the full VAT on all items it should come out as £10.69. Which If I re enable tax it does. 


Is there some weird proportioning of the discount going on that shouldn't be?


Anyone any clue how to re arrange my setup to get this to calculate right?