Need To Collect Tax for PA Online Clothing Store ?

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I am in PA and will be launching a new online store that will be exclusively clothing (tees, fleece, etc). In PA, clothing is not taxed. I know that typically if a business has over $100,000 in sales (or 200 transactions) it has to collect sales tax and register for a license to do so, but I don't ever anticipate that being me. Under products, there is an option to check "Charge tax on this variant". Since my items are not taxable IN Pennsylvania, should I deselect this option? Or do I select it because someone in say, NJ, might buy it and THEY have sales tax on clothing? I am assuming that if I did have this option selected, I then have to report on my taxes that I collected it, and if I don't have it selected, the buyer is responsible for declaring it on their taxes? Is that how it works?

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Hi @Trippypea50 

Your store will charge sales tax based on your tax settings in your settings menu. In there, you set up from which states' orders you will charge taxes. Checking/unchecking the charge taxes box in the product set up page, will affect whether or not taxes get charged on that product regardless of order location.

That said, I highly highly recommend you speak with a tax professional as to whether or not you need to charge taxes. Make sure you are aware of all the stipulations before you start selling.