Net Sales on Taxed Goods Only when there are both taxed and untaxed items sold; Net Sales discrepancies on Finance Report

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I have a business where I sell items and labor. Labor is not taxed. I recently started the labor portion and I am having trouble figuring out a way to calculate my net sales only on taxable goods (i.e. not including labor sales) to report to the state. Often the labor item is in the same order as a taxable good too so I can't just manually subtract the orders with no tax. I have previously only exported my orders and used Excel sum calculations since there are discrepancies in shopify's "total sales" and the actual total sales, but I can't figure out how to do with in Excel without manually going through every single order and subtracting the amount of the untaxed good from my net sales number. There's got to be a way to run a finance report that excludes untaxed goods? Or perhaps a way to add up all the untaxed goods so I can manually subtract them from my net sales of the month? Anybody find any solutions to this? 

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Hi Alex.

That is a cool question! Well at least for an accounting geek like me ;)

It would help to understand your situation a bit more.

To clarifiy, do you then have orders with multiple items? One or many items for each product, and one item for the labor? If so, is the labor item created as a custom item? I'm curious how you handle that...

Also, have you defined multiple rates in your rate settings?

If I understood your question correctly then you won't be able to do that out of the box. If you're on the Advanced Shopify plan you can could create a custom tax report, but even then you won't be able to add a filter to exclude a specific rate (0% in your case).

However, the app Better Reports may help you.

Click the report 'Tax collected per month' and then add a filter to exclude the tax rate of 0%.

Here is a video showing how it works (I exclude the 15% rate in the video but you could just as well exclude the 0% rate):

If you need a different report layout with different columns or extra fields, feel free to reach out at and I'd be happy to build the perfect report for you.

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I just realized you needed the 'total sales', not the 'total tax' collected. Better Reports can handle that too...

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Hi Alex,

It has been a while since you asked this question. There is a solution to the issue.

The labor component (which are not taxed) of the order can be identified in the line items. Once they are identified, then the report can be created.

Data Export can be used to create this report. You can contact me at if you need help with this report.


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