Obtaining a copy of customer's tax invoice

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From time to time, we need to duplicate a tax invoice for a customer, which we can email out to them. I know we can automatically send a copy of the original tax invoice to the customer using Shopify under their order, but what if they require a copy of rthe tax invoice to be sent to a different email address. 

Presently I have to crate another one using Word. Is there a way in Shopify of copying the original tax invoice that I can then email out?

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Dave here from  the Guru Team :) 

If you're looking to send order information to a different email address you can always briefly change the email associated with the order in the top right of the orders page at customer > edit: 

Just make sure when doing this that the box 'Update Customer Profile' is unchecked so there are no changes to the order. From then any emails that are sent out from that order will go to that new address. You can change this back to the old email address again afterwards if you wish!

I hope this helps :)

All the Best, 
Dave | Shopify