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Hey guys,

I need HELP!

I'm from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I'm currently opening my first Shopify Store. My goal is to start a clothing brand and to sell my products through Print on Demand. Now, I'm trying to abide by all the laws and I want every single aspect of my online store to be legit. So I've obtained my NEQ (basically means that I've registered my company) and the next step was setting up my financial dues (taxes, etc.) now seeing as this is going to be my first year of operation, I don't plan on selling over $30,000 so I'd be considered a small supplier

That said, I'm not required by law to charge taxes on sold products (GST/HST). However, a specific law requires all Clothing Manufacturers (small suppliers included) to charge GST/HST and to file a monthly report (VDZ-350.49-V, Subcontracting Expenses Information Return along with my QST) to the government. I plan on using Print on Demand to sell my products and so my question is: am I considered a clothing manufacturer? I mean, the piece of clothing has already been manufactured and I'm only adding my designs on them.

Also, on their website it says that I could be exempt from being required to do so if: 'clothing made solely for the needs of your business or for sale'

Have you had any similar cases?
I need help in regards to operating in Montreal.

Anything helps

Have a nice day!

Joel Fong Ruelle Apparel™
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Hi I'm also from Montreal! I'm in exactly the same dilemma haha

Following your post for future replies