Participating in a trunk show outside your nexus taxes

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I am very confused. I participated in a trunk show in Alabama in October and used Shopify POS. I didnt have wifi so I custom put in tax for Alabama of 9%. My orders show they were purchased in Atlanta though. At the end of the event we had to pay the host 4% of our sales for Pelham, AL tax. But as i am filling it looks like i am now paying atlanta tax on top of that. How do i handle this? Since the show was hosted under someone elses tax ID what do I do about the rest of the taxes charged? Someone please help! I really dont want to pay Pelham and Atlanta city tax. Do I need to change the location of the orders? But then would i have to pay Alabama state tax, even though it was hosted under another business based in Alabama. Can someone advise what to do? I will be participating in another event next month and want to do this the right way.

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Hi Madison,

Ruairi from Shopify here :)

If you don't have access to WiFi while using the POS in a new location, but want to charge the appropriate taxes, you can set up a new location for the POS and assign that location to the POS for the duration of the trunk show:

This will ensure that the POS knows that is located in Alabama, for example, and to charge the local taxes.

I have looked through the orders from October and haven't been able to see any that have charged more than the 9% custom tax rate you set for Georgia, but I will reach out by email to get examples of such orders from you so I can look into this in more detail.

- Ruairi H