Question about taxes.

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So, I've made about 8 sales in the past two days of being open which is great! I live in Ohio so I guess shopify only charges Ohio taxes? One person from Ohio has bought a shirt and the others live elsewhere but doesn't show they were charged for taxes? Im not sure if this is correct or if there is something I need to do. My prices don't include tax but get charged (somehow only in ohio?)

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Hi Sarah. First of all, 8 sales in 2 days is an awesome start! Congrats. Awesome to see entrepreneurs launching with a boost. Keep it going. 

Sales Tax is applied on orders coming from states where you have nexus

Nexus is created if your company maintains a temporary or permanent presence of people (employees, service people or independent sales/service agents) or property (inventory, offices, warehouses).  

So in your case if Sales tax is applied only on orders from Ohio, it is the expected behaviour as you are located in Ohio. 

Hope this helps. Just to confirm, the one person who bought a shirt, is the tax item showing in your order dashboard? If not, some setting needs to be changed or you may need to contact Shopify support.