Quickbooks Integration - Daily Sales Export?

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Like most folks, we have began to transfer our accounting program to Quickbooks with the assurance from Shopify that this is the best/easiest program to integrate with Shopify.


However, we have run into some serious issues. The main problem is that we have an inventory of just under 10,000 items, and there is no way to include Product Type (aka Category in QB) or Variant Cost in the upload, and I frankly refuse to go through and add all this information in manually.  The second problem is that Shopify simply wants to dump all our income into one general revenue category, which is against the advise of our accountant (and several others that I have consulted with); revenue should be divided up into Product Categories/Types, along with our inventory. 


I specifically do not/cannot use the average Shopify->QB integration app, because recreating every sales receipt as an invoice is completely useless (not to mention expensive for a busy shop that can have 100+ transactions a day), especially when it dumps all the revenue into one category, so I would be paying a huge amount to a 3rd party app that doesn't actually provide us with the financial information we need. 


So - our solution (as far as I can tell) seems to be to create a Daily Sales journal entry / sales invoice in QB, using a Sales by Product Type report to divide my revenue + COGS categories appropriately. Then I need to run a Tax report to ensure I'm reporting my tax income correctly (as a retail store that sells some sales-tax exempt products across the country, I collect 3 types of tax that have to be properly recorded - PST, GST and HST) insteading of lumping it into one "Tax" line item.  

The problem is that this is now MORE work than our old accounting/POS ever was (we are migrating from Sage). I'm wondering if there is a workaround, a custom report, a custom export, or an app that will allow us to do this automatically on a daily basis.